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Our adult services include:

1. Adult Autism Assessment

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As societal awareness and understanding of Autism has increased in recent years, so too have the number of adults wondering if they are on the spectrum. It is quite common for people to have gone through childhood and into adulthood never having questioned the presence of autism, but maybe having the feeling that they struggled in ways that others don’t seem to. While many adults who seek an Autism assessment have found ways to cope, they might have found life to be particularly challenging and draining and are seeking an explanation why this might be so. An Autism diagnosis later in life can be healing in that it can provide an explanatory framework for why some things may have been more difficult for you than for others. This can be helpful for the individual being assessed but also for the people in their life and even their employers. An Autism diagnosis can also help guide the individual towards particular interventions or supports that may be helpful, as well as link them in with the wider Autistic community. 

An adult Autism assessment involves:

  • Clinical Interview with the Individual (2hrs either in clinic or via Zoom)
  • Relatives Interview with someone who knows the Individual well, this can be a family member, good friend or partner (1.5hrs either in clinic or via Zoom)
  • Cognitive Assessment (1-1.5hrs in clinic)
  • Feedback Appointment (1hr via Zoom)

Fee: €1600

2. Adult ADHD assessment

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At Insight we recommend an adult ADHD assessment for individuals who feel they have struggled with attention, concentration, planning, organization, hyperactivity or impulsivity since childhood and into their adult years. It can happen that children presenting with these difficulties may not receive appropriate assessment at the time for a variety of reasons.

An adult with ADHD may find they struggle at work or in their careers; struggle to keep up with day-to-day responsibilities; experience relationship problems; and may have chronic feelings of frustration, guilt or blame. An adult ADHD diagnosis can provide an explanation for why aspects of life are challenging, as well as guide the individual to avail of psychological or pharmacological supports if needed.

An adult ADHD assessment involves:

  • Clinical Interview with the Individual (1.5hrs via Zoom)
  • Relatives Interview with someone who knows the Individual well, this can be a family member, good friend or partner (1.5hrs either via Zoom)
  • Cognitive Assessment. (1-1.5hrs in clinic)
  • Feedback Appointment (1hr via Zoom)

Fees: €1600

3. Adult Educational Assessment

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You may want to seek out an educational assessment if you have concerns regarding your learning or academic performance. An educational psychology assessment screens for Specific Learning Difficulties such as Dyslexia.

Fees: €700

An educational psychology assessment involves:

  • Clinical Interview
  • Cognitive Assessment (1-1.5hr in clinic)
  • Weschler Individual Attainment Test (1hr in clinic)
  • Comprehensive Test of Phonological Processing (if query Dyslexia) (15 minutes in clinic)
  • Feedback Session (1hr via Zoom)
  • Comprehensive psychological report accepted by HSE and Department of Education

4. Adult Psychological Therapy

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Our team of Psychologists offer evidence-based therapy for adults and couples presenting with a range of difficulties.

When booking in for therapy you will meet with one of our team for an initial consultation where the Psychologist will explore what has been difficult, the origins of those difficulties and the factors keeping the difficulty going. Your Psychologist will work collaboratively with you to create a plan to address your treatment goals. Our team work from a variety of different approaches including but not limited to; Cognitive Behavioural Therapy, Compassion Focused Therapy, Acceptance and Commitment Therapy, Dialectical Behaviour Therapy and Mindfulness Based Approaches.

Depending on your needs and current governmental guidelines we can offer in-clinic appointments or appointments via Zoom.

Fees: €200 for Initial Consult (please allow approx. 1hr)
€100 for each subsequent 50-minute individual therapy session.

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Our team of Psychologists offers evidence-based therapy for adults, couples and children presenting with a range of difficulties, working collaboratively with you to create a plan addressing your treatment goals.
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