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Sarah Lynch

Sarah Lynch is a Clinical Psychologist whose primary background experience is in working with children, young people and adults with a diagnosis of Asperger or Autism Spectrum Disorder. Academic interests include cognitive neuroscience, clinical psychology and research in areas of addiction and visual hallucinations. Sarah has experience working across healthcare settings. This has included roles in primary care, early intervention, Child and Adolescent Mental Health and Adult Mental Health teams. Sarah also has experience working in disability services, specialist ASD services and inpatient support settings for individuals receiving treatment for eating disorders.

Sarah is passionate about integrating the use of creative approaches in therapy, which includes play, art and psychodrama/role-play. In working with individuals with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder, Sarah is committed to supporting wellbeing through offering focused therapeutic support that can help bring individuals more ‘into balance’ with themselves. This work can involve developing skills in emotion regulation, social interaction and engaging in activities that can help us increase our self-compassion. Sarah also offers advice to parents in how to understand behavior as a form of communication and how to adapt responses to help children to regulate ‘big or tricky’ emotions. This supports children to access a space to reflect with their parents and provides an opportunity for the family system to learn more adaptive ways of coping. Sarah has more recently integrated the use of attachment-focused therapy approaches into her work with children and foster parents.