The Insight Centre

The Insight Centre Price List 2017



Educational Psychology Assessment


Cognitive Assessment Only


General Clinical Psychology Assessment


Multidisciplinary Autism Assessment


Multi-Disciplinary Autism and Cognitive Assessment


Multi-Disciplinary Autism and Literacy Assessment


Adult Autism Assessment


School Observation


Full Occupational Therapy Assessment


Full Language Assessment with no report


Full Language Assessment with Diagnostic Report


Speech Assessment


Review Assessment/Initial Consultation with Speech and Language Therapist


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Child and adolescent psychology therapy services:

Initial Consultation – with parent only

  • Parental Interview
  • Lasts approx. 1hr-1.5 hrs



Individual Sessions

  • Each Session is approx. 50 minutes’


Adult Services:


Initial Adult Consultation



Individual Sessions

  • Each Session is approx. 50 minutes’


Speech and Language Therapy Services:


30 Minute Session


45 Minute Session


60 Minute Session


Occupational Therapy Intervention:


Individual therapy session


All clinicians are registered and thus accepted by all Health Insurers where you can claim back up to 60% of costs.

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